Nishad Karim

Artist’s Statement.


Nishad Karim is a Trinidadian born artist and has been a teacher for the last 22 years. Nishad graduated with a B.A. Visual Arts ( First Class Hons.) from the University of the West Indies, Trinidad, but considers himself a self taught artist. He admires the works of Turner, Constable, Cezanne and Monet but he grew up studying the works of local Trinidadian artists such as  Cazabon, MP Alladin and Boscoe Holder. He works in all media, with oils being his favourite. His canvasses are often highly texturized as he expresses his joy of pressing and working the paint into cracks and crevices to get a variety of effects.

His interest with drawing, colouring and painting started at an early age, exploring still life and his natural outdoor environment which he has grown to love and appreciate immensely. He especially reminisces about the days when his father, a businessman and farmer, would take him fishing in the Caroni Swamp and how he was always amazed at the flora and fauna. This love inspired him to capture the atmosphere and mood of the Caribbean landscape with its scenic, lush tropical vegetation and vibrant colours.

Nishad is currently residing in London and works as a Learning and Teaching Leader/Art Coordinator at Rockmount Primary School in the Borough of Croydon. He is continually on a path of education and learning with regards to his teaching and his passion, art. Nishad is also a freelance photographer.