About The Artist

In painting landscapes with a loose but realistic style I attempt to convey to the viewer a sense of presence, enjoyment and ‘seeing’ a particular scene. Nature has its own way of creating the most beautiful patterns and sceneries and landscape painting for me evokes a sense of mystery, fragility and an understanding of the natural environment. The way form emerges from light and the effect light has on colour and mood is all quite intriguing.’

I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and was always surrounded by beautiful landscapes. 


My parents had a major influence on my creativity. My dad, an astute businessman and skilled farmer…. a jack of all trades really and my mum, designed and sew a variety of clothing and curtains and has the most beautiful handwriting in the world. She was also very creative and skillful in the manner in which she sketched her patterns and designs. For me, this was a great stimulus and so I developed my drawing skills from an early age. 


In primary school I demonstrated a keen interest in art and drew characters and objects from observation and sometimes from memory. In secondary school, my art teachers were specialists in their own field but taught me a great deal about drawing and ceramics. Although I was exposed to these elements of art, believe it or not, my passion then, was technical drawing. I did both mechanical and building drawing but selected building drawing as my major. It was no surprise when I got a distinction in technical drawing. Throughout this exciting period, in the background, I was painting and had many sketchbooks. 


Teachers’ College was another pathway for me to continue developing my skills as an artist as I delved deeply into the study of colours and paint. It was at Teachers’ College I had my first exhibition and remember selling one of my paintings for one thousand two hundred dollars. The academic excellence also continued as I won the overall art prize at Teachers’ college. When I started teaching in 1996, I designed and painted many banners for schools and also wrote hundreds of achievement certificates using calligraphy, another skill I had developed over years of practise. 

My passion for art didn’t stop there as I went on to study Art at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago. It was there that I was able to develop my practical skills and increase my knowledge on the history of Art. I was fortunate to have a cohort of lecturers who were masters in their own field, textiles, pottery, wire bending, drawing, painting, design and art history. During my tenure at the university I had about 4 exhibitions and was already taking on private commissions. The sketching and reading never stopped and the rewards were reaped as I graduated with First Class Honours and once again won the art prize. Great things were happening, newspaper and magazine reviews and a host of television interviews. My artwork was leading me to something much bigger.


The decision to leave Trinidad and Tobago in 2008 to reside in the UK was an important one for me as it helped to propel my career to the next level. My experience as a practising artist assisted me in acquiring the post of Art Co-ordinator in London. In this post, I lead on numerous art projects and conducted art master classes which helped many students attain art scholarships. 


I am on a continuous journey in search of who I am meant to be as an artist and there have been many breakthroughs which has motivated me to carry on into the unknown.


Tatti Family

I've always dreamt of owning an original piece of art. Nishad wrote a personal message at the back of the painting which added that sentimental value to us and he installed the piece. It has now become the main focal point in our home. Thank you Nishad!


Andreas Lopez Leon

I've always admired the work of this artist and this magnificent landscape was the perfect addition to our home.


Strappelli Family

More than we bargained for...

This beautiful picture of wood hangs on the wall in our sitting room. Not only does it enhance the room aesthetically, it also radiates calm and tranquility. When I've had a busy day, it is a joy to become distracted by its detail. Thank you Nishad for capturing so much more than just a scene.


Robinson Family

A much loved, beautiful pen and ink drawing of the fountain in the Rookery Gardens, Streatham Common.



We love this painting. Such a beautiful Autumn scene with the golden trees framing the road. Exquisitely painted.